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All day. Every day. We do suspension. 

Traction Works performs factory-authorized mountain bike suspension fork, shock and adjustable-height seat post service. We don’t bleed brakes, fix flats, or install fancy power meters. We are experts in getting suspension dialed for demanding mountain bikers. We live and breathe suspension. Our sole purpose is to provide the best possible suspension service and tuning to enhance the quality of your ride.

Our years of experience, professional standing, and specialization—coupled with top-notch customer service—position us to provide the finest suspension service available. In fact, we are factory-authorized by many of the manufacturers whose products we service.



We perform both routine maintenance and annual service for most suspension forks. Whether you need a simple bath service or a complete rebuild with fresh or upgraded parts, we can get you set up with suspension that is factory-spec approved and better than out-of-the-box new.



Most manufacturers recommend a minimum of annual service for shock service, but frequent and heavy use may require more frequent service. And if you need repair parts, you may be eligible for an upgrade which will buff out your ride even more. Ask us if an upgrade is right for you.



There's nothing worse than having a ride ruined because your dropper post won't raise or lower. Like all moving parts on your bike, your adjustable height seat post needs occasional love and attention. We can get you set up so your sitting right where you want to, every time you hit the remote.

What we do speaks for itself

One of the best in the biz. Cannot stress enough the importance of quality suspension service. Go here!
— Gexel Crankshaft
Excellent service, pricing, and discussion of the options. Turnaround time was quick—only a couple of days for a full fork rebuild. If you live near Portland, the only reason to use factory service is for warranty claims. Otherwise, go to Traction Works. I’ll be taking my shock in for a rebuild soon.
— Kean Stump
Hot damn! Just took my freshly serviced squishy bits for a ride on some rooty techy trails…bike feels amazing! Like new. Actually, better than new. Thanks Traction Works!
— Suzanne Marcoe
Very good service. No way could I service my own shock—there is so much in there! Highly recommended.
— Niel Carpenter